Sunday, January 31, 2010

God Loves People

God Loves People./ Any Shape. Any Color. Any Size./ You Don't Have to Be an Angel. To Be Really Special in His Eyes./ Well He Said it in John 3:16. And He Proved it on Calvary too./ God Loves People. Ordinary People. People Like Me & You....God Loves People. Ordinary People./ He Even Likes Me & You.

Perhaps you too grew up singing this song; or perhaps you have never heard it in your life. I used to sing it Sunday School; but haven't thought of it in years...until it just popped into my head tonight. You see, I have felt to blog about the recent experiences in my life now for a while, but my thoughts have been swirling in so many directions, I haven't been able to anchor them down yet to start typing. They're still swirling and there's much I have to share, but for now, I want to leave you with this:

God LOVES People.
Christian means Christlike.
As Christians we too must love people.

Not just our favorites. Not just those who flatter us. Or those who we think we can benefit from. Or those who we find pleasurable being around.

People. All people. Those we have things in common with. Those we have nothing in common with. Those who make us feel good. Those who annoy the fire out of us. Those who mean what they say. And those who don't. Those who exemplify Christ toward you. And those who don't.

Over the last month I have met MANY people. Here at TCMM, between the off-campus students, resident kids, staff kids and all the staff, I've probably met over 150 people. And not just met them, but am trying to learn their names, where they're originally from, who they are related to (when applicable), their interests, desires & goals, dislikes, etc.

I have also visited Memphis, a church about an hour from here, and a local church.

People. Lots and lots of people. From befriending a very sweet & classy evangelist's wife in Memphis to meeting a paraplegic lady in MS, who once taught in my home town in AR, to meeting a very simple, but very sweet couple, while leaving the church I visited tonight.

People. God loves them ALL.

Recently I heard someone refer to the school where I am teaching as a "glorified reform school". (The person's child attends there; this statement was made in an objective, not a belittling, manner). Most of my students come from troubled backgrounds; particularly the resident students (aka: Mansion Kids). Some of the off-campus students have been kicked out of other schools and some of the off-campus kids are angels. It makes for an interesting & challenging situation.

So what do I do? Well, I've prayed a lot about it; that's for sure. The answer? Love. Love them authentically and equally. Easy? No. Absolutely necessary? Yes.

And you know what? I believe they know.

It's not just kids that can read people. Everyone can. People have an innate ability of knowing whether you're real or fake. Of knowing whether the love your showing is real & from God or whether it's manufactured.

Love people.

How you might ask?
Love God first.
If He's truly first and foremost in your life, loving people, no matter how unlovable they may seem, will seem like less of a challenge and more of a privilege.

This morning Pastor Judd asked a question that I think is good for everyone to ask themselves:
"Has there ever been a time that you were more in love with God than you are now?" If the answer is yes, perhaps you should start with falling back in love with God.

My friend, we are indeed so blessed, because it's true:
God Loves People. Ordinary People. He Even Likes Me & You.

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