Wednesday, January 6, 2010

God of the Detour

So here I am. Arrived at TCMM on Saturday and I have already almost finished getting settled into my apartment, met somewhere close to a hundred people, all of whose names I’m trying to quickly memorize, and started teaching 5 different subjects for my first time ever.

I am really excited about a class I didn’t realize I would be teaching and that’s the Bible class for the Junior High students which has about 30 students in it. Not only that, but I get to create my own curriculum (in other words teach whatever I feel to teach). What an awesome opportunity! I had brought tons of my notes and books from my Bible school years, because I was wanting to do a lot more studying this year in my free time, however now I’m reeeally thankful I decided to bring them, because I sure know I’m going to need them!

The other classes I’m teaching are English I, Health (twice), Biology, & Basic Math. Yeah for English & Health! As for Biology & Math..I shall survive. :o)

Being the new girl at TCMM is quite interesting. Before classes started I had lots of the kids ask me random things like, “Are you my new Science teacher?!” or state, “My name’s _____ & you’re my new English teacher!” And then there are the ones who have asked if I’ve started college yet, since a lot of them think I'm about 19. Some of the staff have shared with me random comments the residents have made regarding their first impressions of me. Amusing stuff. :o)

My first day of classes went waaay smoother than I had expected. The plan had been for someone to assist me a few days, but that didn’t end up happening. I’m glad though. Think they would have made me more nervous than the kids!

A few things I can say about the people here so far: I have never been around so many people that truly have a servant’s heart. Any help I have needed, not only has someone been more than willing to assist me, but they often offered before I’ve had a chance to even ask. Also, everyone has been very welcoming, to the extent that I can totally understand how this would be a great place of healing for a hurting child. I have felt very welcomed from the second I arrived here.

I know the future will hold many challenges. As I already knew, all my students are not little angels. A few in particular, who I’ve already figured out from just the first day, are going to be extreme challenges. And I also know that working, eating with, going to church with, and living in such close vicinity with around 50 of the same people (staff) and approximately 50 resident kids will be an interesting experience in itself. But I am going to learn. I am going to learn a lot, no doubt, and grow in ways I didn’t know I could, or perhaps even knew I needed to grow.

Yesterday I met one of the youngest resident girls and, within 5 minutes after meeting me, she had sneaked up behind me to hug me. My heart melted. That's what it's all about. These kids need to know that they can love and are lovable.

Sometimes detours happen in life. I used to get lost and get frustrated. Now when I get lost, if I’m not on a tight schedule, I don’t sweat it. It is at times like this that I have had the most awesome experiences. Of all the places I have lived, short term or long term, it is during times of being lost, or rather “detoured” that I made the most beautiful discoveries. In Indianapolis & St. Louis I discovered beautiful, “I thought these only existed in movies”, neighborhoods. In Holland I discovered a beautiful marina. In Estonia, the best place to see the prettiest view of the city. In Lithuania…a whole lot of awesome things (I got lost really bad one day. lol).

My point is, sometimes in life you may feel like you know or even you may know for sure where you are supposed to be headed. However, if God steers you a different direction for a bit, don’t sweat it. He has His reasons and I assure you they are good. Eventually it will all make sense. For me, being at TCMM is somewhat of a “detour” but also a fulfillment of a long forgotten childhood dream.

Apparently God remembered what I had forgotten. Imagine that. He is indeed a God of the details. And even if you’re a perfectionist I assure you that He “dots his Is and crosses his Ts” much more than you do. Your creator knows exactly what you need and at what time you need it. If He decides to take you on a detour for a short while, don’t explode in frustration. Look around; enjoy the scenery. Learn from it. I feel confident that if you look closely you just might find beauty in a place you never imagined it could exist.

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