Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And Sometimes the Answer is You

"Joseph had to help several other people's dreams become realities in order to experience his own." ~Rev. Wayne Huntley 

The below is a blog I started a while back that I was reminded of by the above statement. It is a topic I am very passionate about, that I think is so important for this "me" generation to fully grasp:

Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of having some great, deep, God focused conversations with some close friends. When God gives me a thought or talks to me about something, I love very much to hear what others have to say about it and if/ how He has talked with them about the same thing. This is what He has been talking to me about as of late: 

We, as human beings, are naturally selfish. When there are many needs in our own life, it may take special effort to choose to pray for others as much or more than ourselves. However, if we are totally submitted to God, we will remember how important it is to consider other's needs. We seek answers, but are we willing to be the answer to someone else's prayer? 

My family moved to Arkansas, from Missouri, when I was quite young. Overtime we have developed friendships with members of the church in Rogers as close as that often found between real family members. One day one of my mom's best friends told her that she knew why God had sent us to Arkansas. My mom asked her why. Her simple reply, "Because...I prayed for a friend."

At one time I would have described the time I worked at Tupelo Children's Mansion as feeling like a year of being "in limbo". While God had indeed led me there, at first I felt very out of my element. I also knew it was only supposed to be temporary, due to God having already dealt with me to an extent about what was to come next... returning to global missions. While I was very much aware of all these things, there was one thing I was not aware of until later. Before my coming there had been an urgent need and many prayers had  gone up for God to send help.  And so He did, in the form of someone with very little experience, but with a big heart and a sincerity and commitment to do whatever needed to be done.

God's next appointment for me was indeed an answer to others' prayers as well...Amazing missionaries who had far too many responsibilities for any one couple to be able to carry out on their own. I wasn't the only one who was an answer to prayer for this huge task...Nope. for this big task God sent a whole team and is continuing to do so.

I write regarding my own self only because it's through these personal life experiences that God has taught me over and over again this one thing: Just as God answers our prayers, sometimes He uses us to answer other's prayers.

There are many people in large churches, where lots of people share their same special ability, that complain that they never get to be used.  Meanwhile, there are probably hundreds of both home and foreign  missionaries praying for God to answer their prayers by sending just one person with that ability....

They may be praying for you.

Everyday many people out there are realizing that that peace that they seek is not found in alcohol, in prestige, in drugs, in riches, or in relationships...and they are questioning "Where IS it found?"  Everyday, many people out there are crying out to God, that, if there is a God, He will answer them....

Sometimes that answer is you.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

But what about when we aren't feeling especially blessed?
....Are we still willing to be someone else's blessing?

Years ago Missionary Rodenbush when asked about why he had been willing to leave a well established church in Texas he had been pastoring to become a missionary to Africa, stated, "Many people were willing to pastor my church, but not many were willing to go to Africa.”

Everyone is willing, yeah, even waiting in line, to have their prayers answered, but how many people are willing to be an answer? ....Are you?

Joseph helped make other people's dreams realities when he was still in prison and while he was still estranged from his family. He did this simply because He was a child of God, God had given Him special abilities, and it was the right thing to do; not because He knew making their dreams realities would lead to making His own dream a reality. Though it did.

So, next time you pray, I encourage you to ask God, "Lord, who can I bless?  How can I be a blessing?" You may be surprised to whom or where your path may lead.

Like a light in the darkness a song in the night,
Just the right words at just the right time,
Tomorrow today you may be someone’s answer to prayer.

The very moment we are willing to say who “I am”,
We step out of our happenstance will into his perfect plan,
Where nothing’s left to chance or to whim,
 People to People is where it begins,
To be His voice of hope,
or the touch of His hand.
~Alex Edmonds "Answer to Prayer" Lyrics

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