Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Worth the Wait

So, normally sappy is not my writing style, but this blog will be one exception...For those whose faces distort into a sour face just at the sound of the word "sappy", this is your chance to turn back now...You have officially been warned.

 Lately I've been going through all 13,769,046 pages (or so it seems) of paperwork that I have accumulated through the years, in an effort to get rid of everything I don't absolutely need. In the midst of this chaos I came across something I'd written back in 2007, when I was doing mission work in Lithuania for the summer.  It's not a devotional, like I normally write on here, but rather it's simply words from the heart of a single missionary about something she just happened to observe one day and the impression that it made on her. It's about love....real love.

"I'm sitting here at the Vilnius bus station, waiting to leave for Riga.  When I first arrived at the platform, where I would eventually catch my bus, my attention was drawn to a certain young lady and young gentleman.  For the approximately thirty minutes that we waited for the bus I could tell that, as far they were each concerned, the other person was the only other one in the world. 

As they stood, holding each other close, I wondered what their story was. Was he leaving on just a short trip? A long one? Did he even live here? When did they meet? How did they meet? While I knew none of these answers, from where I was sitting I could see in her eyes that she truly loved him. 

It didn't end there. As we loaded the bus, she stayed by his side until she couldn't any longer. Then, for about thirty more minutes, she stood outside his window.  They both just looked at each other with sad eyes, every once in a while mouthing, no doubt, words of endearment to each other.  Every once in a while, when another bus would pull up, she would move out of the way, then move right back to the spot by his window. As we pulled out to leave she was standing there waving until the bus was out of sight.

A lot of times I get asked the question, "What are you waiting for?" Or, of course, "Who are you waiting for?" While I may not know who, I definitely know what I'm waiting for. I'm waiting for that kind of love.  Love in which I'd almost rather die than have to leave the other person.  A love where we can just look at each other, not a say a word, and yet a thousand be spoken. A love that, were it taken away, would hurt to the same extent that it felt good.  Most of all, I want a love in which I can give all of my heart, knowing He will give me back the same."

While  I wrote this years ago, my perspective still remains the same. I still believe that special person will indeed be worth the wait.

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