Sunday, September 26, 2010

God Prevails, So Stay in Step!

This particular blog is simply a posting of two things I read recently that spoke volumes to me. I hope they speak to you in the same way they spoke to me. God bless!

Excerpt from the novel "Unspoken", by Francine Rivers:
(There is a part in it where King David is mourning the fact that he has been double crossed by Absalom and others close to him. While trying to decide the wisest decision he can make in this situation, he begins reminiscing about his life):

"Oh, God, I never asked to be king!"
He would have been happier as a shepherd, singing psalms and looking at the stars in the heavens. He would have been happier as a poor man with only one wife.

Men plan, but God prevails.

With a sigh, David stood. "I will trust in you, Oh, Lord. I will trust in you. Do with me as you will."

Excerpt from a devotional posted on EA by James Thornton:
....In order to walk with someone there are two basic rules to follow when you walk or you cannot walk together. One is that each must walk at the same pace. The other, each must walk in the same direction. The same two rules apply when walking with God.

To walk with God Enoch had to walk at the same pace; this meant a moment by moment obedience to God’s Word. Disobedience, neglect, or ignorance of God’s Word would cause him to get out of step. And he had to walk in the same direction God was walking, which would mean a moment by moment surrender to God’s will.

Enoch couldn’t go off in a direction of his own. He had to stop insisting on his own way, or he would find himself off in a direction of his own. Enoch must have discovered that God doesn’t adjust His pace for anyone.

Enoch had to adjust his pace and direction to God’s if he wanted to walk with Him. Surely Enoch, with all his family duties, must have been stressed-out at times but he still took time to walk with God.

Think of the blessing those walks were to God. Since Adam and Eve had been banished from the Garden of Eden, God had longed for a human companion to share walks with. In Enoch, God found that one. Enoch loved walking and talking with God and the walks got longer and longer until one day he walked all the way home with God.

What A Walk!

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